miercuri, 27 decembrie 2017

luni, 13 noiembrie 2017

A Halloween story from county Galway

I started reading the story of the missing children from Tuam on the bus to my first Saturday out as a mother, with my own little darling safely asleep in our bedroom on his Montessori tatami. I was already feeling nauseated because of a stomach bug that would eventually clear out after a rainy Sunday at home with my boys. With our Halloween decorations still out, it made me think of the furious fight of my Christian friends on Facebook against these celebrations. Why celebrate the witches, the ghosts and the demons they ask. Maybe because they still haunt us for a good reason, and maybe because sometimes we should be just as horrified by nuns.

Later edit

While the missing children from Tuam seem mere relics from a time long gone, this article sheds some light on a more modern debate in its dark conclusion.