marți, 8 februarie 2011

Being an Amsterdammer

You are thin and tall.
You are more likely to ride a bike than to drive a car (possible cause for the first observation).
The road to salvation is straight across the street if you work behind a window with red lights.
You have a high tolerance to increased levels of noise and confined spaces (rather common in large cities).
You buy food and drinks in small packages, similar to airplane meals (also possible cause for the first observation).
You plan your life at least 5 years in advance.
You have at least one co-worker that openly admits they don't prefer the opposite sex.
You have even more water in your cucumbers and tomatoes than the people who buy Dutch vegetables elsewhere.
You don't mind having your home behind the window of a former shop and not using curtains.
You are very proud of your bitterballen and stroopwafel and you eat your cheese with mustard.
You can see as often as you want a few sunflowers in a vase.
You can buy more than tulips, roses and carnations in the flower market. And on that note, you actually have a flower market.
You have unlimited faith in your dikes.