luni, 19 iulie 2010

There once was a boy II, Ghiță Bordea

So the boy in the bowl the one behind walls he who felt lonely in the confines of himself, went to the very center of his space, he stood face to face with the now empty place where he first found himself someplace, where first he was anywhere. He looked at that dark lonely space that was in no way special or unlike any other space or slice or area of his jail, he then thought I am here and I am also there, but the me that is there can by being made help himself be free of this jail.

The boy did not see a change or a flash he did not tire he did feel any less but there in front of him now stood a thing of light and of translucent fibers that went out and around a small glowing star, it was a strange sight, it was quite weird for how could that be him when he did not look like anything at all?

duminică, 18 iulie 2010

There once was a boy

There once was a boy, a young quiet boy, a boy who was born with a great big soul. Now you might say “how can one have a big soul?” and that would not be a strange question, for you see this boy was very strange for his soul was the size of several mortal ones.
This was in fact a very sad thing, for he found that he was but a small tiny fish swimming in a great big bowl through the glass of which he could just see an exciting new world, something of color and smell and touch and feeling something made of joy and sadness and fun. The boy wanted so much to grow enough to taste some of these new things that he tried and fought to go to that place, to take a step over that edge.
He wanted to live so much that he jumped and he ran then tried to hit or to scratch or at least pass through that great invisible wall - if he could get passed he just knew that he would be able to hate that damn wall, and that almost made him sad.
You see in this place he was in, the boy could no more feel anything than draw a single breath in its waters, the only emotion he knew and felt then was something he would later call “loneliness”. He then had a thought or a thought came to him, he just knew that there was something he could do. He said to himself: if I now am and was not before and for now there is just me, then there can be some other me but a me that can help and that will let me see what is outside.