miercuri, 31 martie 2010

Is There Blood In My Hair?

Lately the notion of vampires is associated with the Twilight series, and this, if nothing else proves that vampires don’t trully exists, or maybe they lost a bet with the werewolves of the world deciding who gets the bad really uncool portrayal. I’m not saying that I didn’t see the movies or read the books, but all that proves is the existence of girl porn. And in this case the quality is a lot worse than that of regular porn, at least when it comes to vampires.

From my point of view vampires are the ultimate bad boys, because they must be depraved, corrupted, hot (it's a must in they’re cv), been here since girls had boobies and of course because they've seen it all, done it all and they still think you are special, certainly not because they sparkle or listen to Debussy.

Frankly the whole notion of sustaining yourself for eternity with the blood of Bambi, Dumbo, or even Tom and Jerry is not appealing at all to my inner chef. I mean would you trade even pizza, chips and ice-cream for that? I think not. And I think PETA agrees with me. On the other hand, you have stolen girls and boys of various grades of nobility, and if you get bored you might even try an old vintage or a pair of twins (as seen in ”Interview With A Vampire”), now doesn’t that sound a lot better?

But beyond that having lived for hundreds of years and not being noticed by the Inquisition, puritans and villagers with forks shouldn’t you be able to get rid of your various accents, bad fashion or terrible haircuts in a short while?

And then, we have True Blood (based on the "The Southern Vampire Mysteries" series written by Charlaine Harris) and True Blood has Eric, who includes all the requirements of what a true vampire should be. But as in all great series Eric isn’t the single reason for which True Blood is a great T.V. show, and I think everyone will agree to that. From the costumes to the screenplay and to the location - loved the queen Sophie-Ann’s day room.

I would like to finish with a phrase “don’t hate vampires just because they're beautiful and a housewife made a terrible book about some pseudo-vampires/werewolves".

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