joi, 21 august 2008

The Libertine (2004)

Rochester: And yet you do not draw the moral of the incident.
Billy Downs: Which is?
Rochester: That any experiment of interest in life will be carried out at your own expense. Mark it well.

Rochester: I am come to train you... in your acting.
Elizabeth Barry: So you said when we first met, but your reputation being what it is, I thought you meant something different.
Rochester: I have, I hope, many reputations.

Rochester: I don't mean to upset people, but I must speak my mind. For what's in my mind is far more interesting than what's outside my mind.
Alcock: Makes you impossible to live with, though. You see?
Rochester: Did I once praise you for your blunt manner?
Alcock: It was your reason for employing me.
Rochester: It could as easy be your grounds for dismissal.

Rochester: I wish to be moved. I cannot feel in life. I must have others do it for me in theater.

Rochester: But life is not a succession of urgent "nows". It's a listless trickle of "why should I's".

Rochester: Did you miss me?
Jane: I missed the money.
Rochester: Good. I don't like a whore with sentiment.

Rochester: If god wants men to have faith, why does he not make us more disposed to believe?
Priest: Most men are so disposed.
Rochester: But not me.

Elizabeth Barry: You could buy my slit for a pound a night, sir. I would not mind that. But I think you would not have it, sir. What I think you want is power over me, which I do bridle at.

Rochester: There is spirit in her.
Jane: When a gent sees the spirit, and not the eyes or the tits, then a gent is in trouble.

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Dan Babu spunea...

Jorjet se pare ca tu postezi chestii doar noaptea... la 2-3 AM.

Am vazut pozele, pe care le-ai facut din avion. Cea cu aripa avionului este cea mai frumoasa :)

In loc de Bucuresti se pare ca esti pe undeva la tzara, dar pare fain.

getbordea spunea...

Inca nu m-am lamurit dupa ce ora functioneaza blogspot, dar fiind "la tzara" adorm obligatoriu cu mult inainte de ora 2-3 AM.

Aripa avionului mi s-a parut si mie foarte frumoasa, mai ales ca am stat langa iesirea de urgenta si trebuia sa ma lamuresc daca in caz de aterizare fortata pe apa imi dau prima data jos papucii sau deschid usa.